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Organic Alphonso Mango Pulp

1. This mango pulp is 100% organic and certified by respective Govt bodies, national as well as international certification is done. It’s made of pure Alphonso Mangoes, hence doesn’t have a combination of any other mango categories.

2. It doesn’t have any added sugar, flavors, preservatives or vinegar which you find in other pulp hence you will have to add sugar or milk or other ingredients as per your choice and taste at the time of consumption.

3. The average shelf life of this mango pulp is 2 to 2.6 years if kept in sealed can itself, if you open the can then either consume it within 2 hours or transfer it to a glass bowl and store it in freeze so that you can consume it later. Don’t keep it in the can if it’s opened.

4. You can use this authentic Alphonso pulp to make Aamras, ice creams, sweets or any other recipe you wish to.

5. We export this pulp to Auckland Newzeland every year in bulk quantities, it’s available throughout the year.